Cosmetic Focus-CIT Stamp

$37 $53

The Environ Cosmetic Focus Stamp is a compact micro-needling tool used to treat targeted areas that are typically not easy to treat, such as the areas around the eyes and the mouth. The Environ Cosmetic Focus CIT  is 'patted' across the skin to boost the penetration of Environs's skincare creams - it is a mini-version of the full-featured Cosmetic Roll CIT.

Allows for optimum absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Helps restore skin tightness. Smooths fine lines and softens scars. Assists in reduction of pigmentation. Thickens thin skin. Helps reduce dilated blood vessels. Allows you to focus on specific, traditionally difficult areas to reach, such the mouth and eye area.

Measuring just 5cm in length, the device consists of 15 needles, measuring 0.2mm, set in a 1.5cm diameter head, allowing users to target specific, traditionally difficult areas to reach, such as the mouth, eye area and frown lines.

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