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Micro-Tox Facial

$294 $340

A Botox Infused Facial Like No Other!

This miracle Botox cocktail is mixed with hyaluronic acid, neuromodulators such as botox® or dysport® and infused with micro-gold channelling. It's performed only at the superficial level of your skin, which means your facial muscles are unaffected, and you will retain a natural, and more youthful, complexion. It's developed to target oil glands, sweat glands, and pores while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Get an instant glow-up, perfect before any special event.

Recommend to be done 2 weeks before any event for that flawless effect.


– Tighter and less noticeable pores
– Tightens and smooths skin
– More youthful looking skin
– Lessens oil production
– Provides natural looking results
– Superficial infusion– leaves facial muscles unaffected
– Non-invasive treatment; no down-time

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