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Summer Glow Facial

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Get your summer glow with our Seasonal Facial

In the summer season, we are more exposed to environmental skin damage such as sun rays, pollution and high levels of heat. These are all free radical stressors that cause most of our DNA damage, leading to skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, sunspots, discolouration, premature aging, redness and a lot more.

Vis a Vis has put together the most important skin defence to DEFEND, PREVENT AND PROTECT your skin this summer. This facial trio will increase your skin's resilience, promote collagen and elasticity. This combination will instantly refresh, brighten, and add radiance to your summer glow!

Facial Includes

– Skin consultation
– Skin prep by cleansing
– Aromatic distressing compress
– Soft peel-off exfoliant
– Steam and extractions (optional)
– Perfection peptide peel
– 15% L-ascorbic vitamin c
– Marine collagen skin patches
– Hyaluronic elixir
– Organic mud mask
– LED light therapy
– Oxygen vitamin infusion


  •  Reduces pigmentation & sun spots
  •  Promotes collagen & elasticity
  •  Reduces redness & inflammation
  •  Prevent sun damage & premature aging
  •  Builds skin tolerance to the summer heat
  •  Hydrates & plumps fine lines
  •  Neutralizes free radicals
  •  Instant radiance
  •  Heals sunburns

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