L'Essentials Emulsion 6



A deeply pampering and rejuvenating entre’ into your nighttime beauty regimen. Nutrient rich Swiss Alpine Organic extracts are suspended in this ultra-rich cleansing emulsion and blended with 6 nourishing oils to help clean skin without disrupting its delicate moisture barrier. Melts on contact with the warmth of the skin, washing away makeup and dirt from the day.

Includes Luzern Creme Spatula

Ideal For:

  • Purifying
  • Oily Skin
  • Dullness, Loss of Radiance


  • Cleanses: Organic Jojoba oil and organic castor oil dissolve surface impurities, dirt and makeup 
  • Hydrates: Organic sweet almond oil and organic green tea oil deliver essential fatty acids deep into the skin, leaving it smooth and well conditioned
  • Nourishes: Organic Swiss alpine extracts and organic rosemary extract rich in flavonoids, phenolic acids and polyphenols help clam the look of stressed skin

Ways to Use:

  • Use after Micellar Cleanser or Cleansing Gelee for the ultimate double cleanse. 
  • Massage into skin and apply a clay mask on top for 10 min. for a deeper treatment.
  • Massage into skin for several min. and leave for 5 min. to act as a super hydrating mask. 
  • Press a warm face cloth onto skin before removing for a deeply nurturing steam spa experience.

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