LUCENTE Brightening Solution


Innovative, Safe, and Effective

This patent-pending highly potent home care is part of a 2 step treatment suitable for all skin types and Fitzparicks;

Step 1 in clinic with LUCENTE MESOTHERAPY + Step 2 at home with LUCENTE cream

Lucente brightening cream works to effectively eliminate existing melasma and PIH. It works to attack melanocytes from the root and block them from reproducing. It attacks the building blocks of melanocytes and works to prevent genesis of melanocytes altogether. It gets to the root cause of melasma and PIH and knocks it out.

Active Ingredients:

- Tranexamic Acid

- Aminoethyl Phosphinic Acid

- Arbutin, Glabardin

- Hyaluronic Acid 

This combination of ingredients attacks all 4 primary drivers of melasma and PIH. The mix of both competitive and noncompetitive blockers allows this unique formulation to;

  • Inhibit melanin formation
  • Inhibit/destroy melanosome formation and transfer
  • Exfoliate pigmented keratinocytes
  • Stabilize melanocyte activity via rich antioxidants 

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