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Oxylight Celebrity Facial


⭐️ The Celebrity Facial ⭐️ 

The Oxylight Treatment integrates the most-requested and painless non-invasive cosmetic procedures in a 120 minute session to maximize effectiveness and value. Provides photodynamic reactions that are absorbed in your facial tissue replacing older or damaged cells and can help replace these cells faster.

The powerhouse for anything lifting and firming. Including renowned Oxylight Technologies used by top facialists worldwide.

    How It Works

    The Vis a Vis Sculpting Facial is a non-invasive facelift which incorporates 6 state of the art non invasive technologies. Focusing on the negative ionized oxygen it helps support collage production and blood circulation showing down the aging process. 


    • Lymphatic Cleanse
    • Diamond Micropeel
    • High Pressure Oxygen
    • Myolight Microcurrent
    • BioSonix Ultrasound
    • L.E.D Lights - Blue, Yellow & Red
    • Negative Ion Oxygen
    • Sculpting Massage
    • Sculpting Mask


    • Stimulate collagen 
    • Reduces the appearance of sun damage
    • Increases the toughness of capillary vessels
    • Reduces inflammation and irritation
    • Kills bacteria and improves complexion
    • Smoother skin texture will be visible after your first treatment! 


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